My Ghost blog has been long neglected. I write a post a year - if that - because writing is something that I am self-conscious about. In refusing to write on a platform I set up for myself, I let it wither.

My Ghost blog was many updates behind. There were a lot of vulnerable Node packages present. Upgrading to a current version was no small effort and the result was not worth it. The interface and scope of Ghost had shifted towards a paid CMS, something I have no interest in.

I realized that Ghost was not the platform for me anymore. I enjoyed setting it up as a hobby project as I was learning Linux, but I do not need a full stack application for a tiny blog.

This is a static site built with Hugo. I can write in Markdown in any text editor and have a themed blog instantly. I can publish and unpublish at will. I can have my own self-hosted comments using isso. I can deploy my site via Github, Cloudflare, Gitlab, or one of the hundred other services that offer “pages”. I no longer have to maintain a full stack app.

Migrating over could not have been easier. I created folders with my original post titles in my Hugo project, then pasted in all my Ghost posts (which were already written in Markdown). I copied my compiled Hugo site up to my webserver, and everything was good to go.