This isn’t a best-of. This isn’t a pat on the back.
These are all the records I bought last year on Bandcamp.

An ongoing pandemic and dearth of live music turned me into a little Bandcamp pay piggy. I have no regrets.

You can see my listening habits here.
Verify my purchases, coward.

I’m going to leave notes on some stuff. Just because something doesn’t have a note doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. I consider this whole list to be packed with great listens. I drank a bottle of wine during the course of writing this post and it shows.

January 13th

February 5th

March 5th

April 2nd

April 16th

  • ULTRAPOP by The Armed
    • I have listened to this album and its associated live videos, feature film, live set at Adult Swim Fest probably over 50 times total. I was going to see them this weekend (January 8th), but the show got moved to March. I’ll still see ‘em. Refract.

April 26th

  • Perfect by MANNEQUIN PUSSY
    • Mannequin Pussy rules.

May 7th

May 10th

June 13

  • Astronomicon LP (LUNGS-062) by NUDITY
    • This was an impulse buy. I listened to the first track and knew I would like the rest. I want to shout out Iron Lungs for being unafraid. They publish the things they like, whether or not they may be successful.

August 6th

August 27th

September 3rd

October 1st

November 5th

December 2nd

That’s it.
Rest in peace to Bandcamp Friday, but I’ll continue to reduce my backlog of records to buy every first Friday of the month in protest.

Update: Bandcamp Friday is coming back for 4 months in 2022, starting on February 4th.